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The FARM TALK blog brings you insightful information on anything farming or rural contracting. Get yourself involved, topics can include animal welfare, animal husbandry, disease and nutrition, buying property, weeds, cropping, hay making, or do you match same coloured pegs on the clothes line hanging out your odd coloured socks!... And, or, anything else that spins your wheels!

Got some interesting news in your local community? Got a field day coming up that you want to tell everybody about? When's the next farm discussion day coming up? We'll also include some of latest farming news about the country as well.

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The Hydrogen Economy 2.0 – New Clean Energy Tech

Eco friendly clean hydrogen energy concept. Gavan Knox from Hydrogen Fuel Systens.

Eco friendly clean hydrogen energy concept. Gavan Knox from Hydrogen Fuel Systens.

Managing Director Gavan Knox from Hydrogen Fuel Systems – Perth, Australia.
The Economy Surrounding Hydrogen Tech is About to Boom and You Can Take Advantage!

Excitement has certainly been building around renewable hydrogen as a significant new green energy technology, both in terms of its potential in the domestic energy market as well as for export says Gavan Knox.

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Nation’s economic recovery will start in regional Australia

Farming Australia
ENGINE ROOM: The nation’s economic recovery from the pandemic will start in regional areas.

Nation’s economic recovery will start in regional Australia!
AUSTRALIA’S regional areas will lead the nation in its economic recovery from the pandemic, premiers and ministers from across the country have declared.

The nation’s “engine room” has already begun revving into action, with each state kicking their regional areas up a gear up in their own unique way.
Regional Victoria is home to one-quarter of the state’s population, 700,000 jobs and makes up about 20 per cent of the state’s economy.

A number of the state’s regional businesses have already changed their operations to take advantage of the situation. Victorian Agriculture and Regional Development Minister Jaclyn Symes said regional Victorians were some of the most innovative and resilient people around.

“We’ve already seen businesses making incredible shifts to help their community – from local gin distilleries making hand sanitiser, to companies working around the clock to make surgical masks for our frontline medical workers,” Ms Syme said.
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Good herd health is essential to profitability

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Good herd health is essential to profitability!
With 2000 cows on his Tatura dairy farm, Markus Lang knows the importance of maintaining good herd health. And with barely a handful of sick cows at any given time, the farm’s record is outstanding.

“One of the most pleasing things about the herd we’ve been able to breed is their health and ease of function,” he said.

“It’s uncommon for herds this size not to have more sick cows and we’re very proud of that.”

Mr Lang says the health of the mostly Holstein herd has been transformed over the past decade since they switched to VikingGenetics.

“The health traits are coming to the fore, so we’re not hassled by sick cows,” he explained.

“A big thing for us is simplifying the system, and that includes never having a sick herd and part of that comes from having the right genetics”.

Milking 720 females now, they have only got five in the bucket because they’re on antibiotics.
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Up and coming event… Rockhampton Agricultural & Pastoral Show

Up and coming event… Rockhampton Agricultural Show

Thursday 15th of Feb 2019 – Sunday 19th of Feb 2019 9:00am – 4:00pm
An iconic Rockhampton Agricultural Show over 3 days. Featuring stud and nonstud stock competitions, Friday Calf Club and Schools Farm Walk, Young Farmers Competitions, Wood Chopping, Sheep Dog Trials, Poultry Display, Farmyard, Trade and Food Stalls. Family Entertainment – Pony Rides, Performing Ponies, Tractor Rides, Slides & Bouncy Castles, Ride on Mower Racing. Friday – free public entry. Free public parking available.

Driverless tractors: Rise of the machines

Case IH's driverless tractor concept based on a Magnum 340.

Case IH’s driverless tractor concept based on a Magnum 340.

AUTONOMOUS tractors that can work around the clock without human intervention are a reality.

Already there are machines carrying out light duties in Australian fields and it won’t be too long before tractors such as this driverless concept from Case IH will handle the heavy jobs. A report in this week’s Crop Gear, free in The Weekly Times, looks at who’s doing what in that space.

Crop Gear also looks into the bale density trend with one contractor telling the magazine: “You won’t get a job unless you can offer high density.”

Plus there is a round-up of vineyard and orchard tractors, advice on tyre maintenance, a look at Case IH’s Magnum Rowtrac and a look at an 884hp corn crop muncher.

Crop Gear, free in this week’s The Weekly Times.

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