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Driverless tractors: Rise of the machines

Case IH's driverless tractor concept based on a Magnum 340.

Case IH’s driverless tractor concept based on a Magnum 340.

AUTONOMOUS tractors that can work around the clock without human intervention are a reality.

Already there are machines carrying out light duties in Australian fields and it won’t be too long before tractors such as this driverless concept from Case IH will handle the heavy jobs. A report in this week’s Crop Gear, free in The Weekly Times, looks at who’s doing what in that space.

Crop Gear also looks into the bale density trend with one contractor telling the magazine: “You won’t get a job unless you can offer high density.”

Plus there is a round-up of vineyard and orchard tractors, advice on tyre maintenance, a look at Case IH’s Magnum Rowtrac and a look at an 884hp corn crop muncher.

Crop Gear, free in this week’s The Weekly Times.


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