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The FARM TALK blog brings you insightful information on anything farming or rural contracting. Get yourself involved, topics can include animal welfare, animal husbandry, disease and nutrition, buying property, weeds, cropping, hay making, or do you match same coloured pegs on the clothes line hanging out your odd coloured socks!... And, or, anything else that spins your wheels!

Got some interesting news in your local community? Got a field day coming up that you want to tell everybody about? When's the next farm discussion day coming up? We'll also include some of latest farming news about the country as well.

Farm Talk... It's Your Vegemite!

SPORT A FLANNO, SUPPORT A FARMER – – 25TH August 2023 – Australia’s Flanno Fever!

drought angles

2. Drought Angles

On 25th August 2023, the humble Flanno will be making a comeback as thousands of Australians from school children to actors, entertainers and corporate executives swap uniforms and suits for our nations favourite chequered shirt.

Most farmers would give the shirt off their own backs if it meant helping someone in need because so many have seen tough times and understand that a simple gesture can make a world of difference. Now it is our opportunity to do something big and return the favour.
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The Hydrogen Economy 2.0 – New Clean Energy Tech

Eco friendly clean hydrogen energy concept. Gavan Knox from Hydrogen Fuel Systens.

Eco friendly clean hydrogen energy concept. Gavan Knox from Hydrogen Fuel Systens.

Managing Director Gavan Knox from Hydrogen Fuel Systems – Perth, Australia.
The Economy Surrounding Hydrogen Tech is About to Boom and You Can Take Advantage!

Excitement has certainly been building around renewable hydrogen as a significant new green energy technology, both in terms of its potential in the domestic energy market as well as for export says Gavan Knox.

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