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SPORT A FLANNO, SUPPORT A FARMER – – 25TH August 2023 – Australia’s Flanno Fever!

2. Drought Angles

On 25th August 2023, the humble Flanno will be making a comeback as thousands of Australians from school children to actors, entertainers and corporate executives swap uniforms and suits for our nations favourite chequered shirt.

Most farmers would give the shirt off their own backs if it meant helping someone in need because so many have seen tough times and understand that a simple gesture can make a world of difference. Now it is our opportunity to do something big and return the favour.

This is Fashion with Compassion at its finest!
Flanno for a Farmer is the brainchild of Drought Angels who provide financial and emotional assistance, food hampers, care packs and personalised support to thousands of farming families across Australia every year.

The campaign is fast gaining traction with some of Australia’s favourite faces coming on board to support including Olympic Medallist and Television Presenter Giann Rooney, Country Singers Jayne Denham and Natalee Pearson, Singer, Actor and Producer Marty Rhone, Television presenter Simon Reeve, Former NRL champion Kirk Reynoldson and Harry and Tessa from Farmer Wants a Wife.
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Drought Angels founder, Natasha Johnston explains,
“It is a call out to let Aussie farmers know we have their backs. Sadly, one primary producer commits suicide every 10 days and it’s just not acceptable! By raising a few dollars and donning your finest flanno on Friday August 25, you will be supporting farmers impacted by natural disasters including drought, floods, fires, plagues, covid, mental wellbeing concerns, and the rising costs of primary production.”

The face of the campaign is Ross (*actual names withheld for their privacy). He and his wife Maureen are Olive Producers in South Australia and have lived on their 180-acre property for 40 years. “It has just been one thing after another for us, financially we are in the worst place we have ever been “he says “I worry every day that I won’t be able to provide for my family and keep food on the table for all Australian’s and that truly breaks my heart.”

They are just one of 4797 primary producers who have been supported by Drought Angels who have raised a staggering $23.1 million since their inception in January 2014. It was only recently though that Ross reached out to Drought Angels and, via them providing him with some much-needed immediate financial assistance to help pay off some of some outstanding expenses, it literally changed his life.

“This money will help us to keep moving forward, it is a beacon of hope in an otherwise very dark time. Drought Angels really are angels on earth.”

Cornetts Supermarkets are proud to be the naming rights partner for the inaugural Flanno for a Farmer campaign along with Origin’s Australia Pacific LNG’s (APLNG) community investment fund and Masterfoods as presenting and silver partners.

Flanno for a Farmer will be a day to thank and help keep the food on the tables of the people that keep the food on ours. It is so easy to get involved, just sign up, raise a few dollars, and get ready to sport your Flanno on 25th August 2023.

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